The Big Correction

The Big Correction

Crash of 2013? Will the US markets wobble with the European bank bailouts, Chinese credit bubble or once there is a decrease in the $85 billion dollars injected into the American economy monthly? If previous patterns are any indication of future market patterns, then in spring of 2013, the US market is due for a third possible correction (since 2000) before moving toward true economic recovery.
These patterns are described by market analysts (called secular bear markets) and we might be due for one more downturn before recovery. Vedic astrology identifies these same patterns and gives specific times for the downturn and the road to recovery. All of this is described by the Vedic chart and cycle of the United States.
Did you know that the Panic of 1893 shows striking similarities to the conditions and indications in spring 2013? Vedic astrology views the patterns of karmic timing. Combining US history, market analysis and Vedic astrology all in one; Correction makes a case for the likely change in US markets after record highs in early 2013. Most importantly, Correction names when the correction will likely hit and when the recovery will begin and how it will take shape.
Even though Correction is about markets, US history and cycles of economy, this book will ultimately bring you back to the nature of your own mind.

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Correction was presented in December 2012 to an audience and gives the exact dates that the Foreign and US markets would begin to shift from historic highs.  Vedic astrology is a precise, insightful system which can look at theme’s of a nation’s life, a forecast your business terrain or a highlight an individual person’s career, romantic and spiritual path.

Kathleen M. Whalen is a business strategist who uses Vedic astrology as a tool to target a company’s best performance times and best timing for launches.  These same talents were applied to the life of the U.S. nation using Vedic astrology, Kathleen’s keen background in history and visionary interpretation of what 2013 holds.

Kathleen is the Ken Burns of vibrational history.

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Correction is the first book in the trilogy which maps out the karmic patterns of the United States and describes the current time in which we live with a entirely new lens.

What do you have in common with Tesla, J.P. Morgan and J.D. Rockefeller?  You are living in a similar karmic time of the United States as these giants.

The year 2013 and 2014 are pivotal years in this verdant time.  This is why Kathleen is calling the summer of 2013 the Year of the Entrepreneur.

The second book in the series, learn how the Year of the Entrepreneur and the current invention revolution promises to fuel the next great economic expansion in America.

Correction details the great market instability and exactly when this will occur and why.  And Year of the Entrepreneur gives detailed patterns, describes how the American ingenuity and entrepreneur will make a huge come back and see the winds of change for the nation.

Kathleen’s lecture on this movement is tantalizing, brilliant and like no other view of history, cycles and forecasting.  The book gives a taste of a window into this movement.








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