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  • Cath Vincent - Wake Up Your WOW

    Cath Vincent – Wake Up Your WOW


    With over 20 years' experience in communications and change, Cath Vincent is an expert in helping people revolutionize their personal effectiveness. Cath launched her own business consultancies in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand as well as a DTI award-winning IT company. As a motivational speaker, she travels the world inspiring companies and individuals alike to Wake Up Their WOW! She now lives in New Zealand with her husband, musician Jesse Wilde, and step-daughter Alesha. Together, while living their dreams, they have built a multi-million dollar property portfolio. Their joint mission through education and entertainment is to inspire others to fulfill their highest potential.
  • Online Marketing Madness

    Online Marketing Madness

    What You Really Need to Know to Grow Your Business With Effective Internet Marketing Strategies

    It is easy to get overwhelmed with social media, web and mobile tactics, but if you don't get the strategic core right you'll just be spinning your wheels. This talk takes you through from strategy to execution.
  • Take your Speaking from OK to WOW
    $from 397

    Take your Speaking from OK to WOW

    Unleash your Brilliance, Craft your Message and Deliver with Style

    Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Speakers - Do you want to take your speaking to the next level, connecting with your audience, captivating them with your stories and content and moving them to action? Learn the skills (and the mindset) for crafting and delivering your message.
  • Susan Lasky Organizing & Productivity Solutions
    $300-850 per month

    Susan Lasky Organizing & Productivity Solutions

    Overwhelmed? Disorganized? ADD/ADHD? Get Out of Your Own Way, Get Things Done and Live a Live You Love!

    I will help you to overcome overwhelm and work with the way YOU think to get things done and take charge of your time, goals and priorities, papers, projects, space and 'stuff.' As a productivity, organization and ADD/ADHD Coach, I help you discover strategies and systems that play to your strengths and compensate for your challenges! Gain the time, energy, clarity and focus to grow your business, succeed in school or the workplace, balance work/home/self-care, maximize your unique potential and live a life you love. Life can be tough, but it doesn't have to be painful. We'll work by phone, Skype or onsite.
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    $300-850 per month
  • Paula McDade

    Paula McDade

    Engaging Communicator and Gifted Storyteller Addressing Women's Issues

    Paula McDade is an engaging communicator, talented writer, and business woman. She is the CEO/Founder of Aim For Success, a nonprofit project which provides empowerment/personal development training and mentoring to women and girls.
  • Clout Et Cetera

    Clout Et Cetera

    Authentic personal style isn't about getting noticed but all about being remembered.

    The Fundamentals of Clout, created and developed by Jude L. Gorgopa, speaker, author, multi-certified coach, small business owner & advisor, and award winning trainer, is a proven system that uses change as an essential and positive ingredient for achieving more fulfillment, freedom, and success in every area of your life and business. It also addresses a variety of timely and relevant topics from personal style branding & presentation to lifestyle & business trends to powerful communications online and in-person.
  • Leah de Souza

    Leah de Souza

    Want to be Successful? Well then it's time to 'Get Real. Get Focused. Get Positive Results.'

    I get people, teams and orgrnizations to 'Get Real. Get Focused. Get Positive Results.' Isn't it time you worked through your challenges and reached your goals?