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  • Internet Success Mastery

    Internet Success Mastery

    Join Tracy Repchuk and Experience the Freedom Lifestyle with Recurring Riches for Life

    The ultimate course to master internet and social media strategies for your business. Created from years of experience, massive amounts of investment, client testing, live reviews, and is proven to guide you through the exact steps to successfully build your online platform.
  • Online Marketing Madness!

    Online Marketing Madness!

    What You Really Need to Know to Grow Your Business With the Web

    It is easy to get overwhelmed with all the social media platforms and tactics, but what you need to succeed is a solid strategic marketing core. Tema Frank will help you boil the confusion down to the basics, and from there figure out what you really need to be doing online to grow your business.
  • Online Marketing Madness

    Online Marketing Madness

    What You Really Need to Know to Grow Your Business With Effective Internet Marketing Strategies

    It is easy to get overwhelmed with social media, web and mobile tactics, but if you don't get the strategic core right you'll just be spinning your wheels. This talk takes you through from strategy to execution.
  • Optimize Your Facebook Fan Page

    Optimize Your Facebook Fan Page

    Transform your Facebook Fan Page into a Client Conversion Portal

    In Pursuit Coaching is a brand development and engagement firm that helps businesses develop, deploy and defend their internal and external brands. We offer training, coaching, and consulting services that fuse a businesses' strengths and goals with business and industry best practices for maximum optimization and growth.
  • Social Media Marketing Course - Step by Step

    Social Media Marketing Course – Step by Step

    Take Action Social Media - 4 Powerful Modules to Build Your Profit Potential with Ease

    * Are you ready to use social media in a smart and meaningful way–without taking time from your primary business? * Do you want to reach and engage prospects directly instead of wasting time and money on passive advertising? * Do you want to create a community of advocates who promote and support your business? * And–maybe you’d like some expert guidance to help you understand and use all that social media has to offer? * Is there a special connection to customers that you’ve heard others have–but you’re missing? * Does the ever-changing information about social media confuse you? * Are you apprehensive about technology even though you rely on it? If your answer is YES to any of these, then I invite you to join me for the TAKE ACTION SOCIAL MEDIA course–an interactive, incremental virtual course! Use code SUCCESS to receive this special price!