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  • 12 Reasons You Need an Accountant For Your Small Business

    12 Reasons You Need an Accountant For Your Small Business

    You and Your Accontant Make a Great Team!

    Don't let your business fail. If you own a small business, you need to be aware of all of the tax laws and other regulations related to your business.
  • Clout Et Cetera

    Clout Et Cetera

    Authentic personal style isn't about getting noticed but all about being remembered.

    The Fundamentals of Clout, created and developed by Jude L. Gorgopa, speaker, author, multi-certified coach, small business owner & advisor, and award winning trainer, is a proven system that uses change as an essential and positive ingredient for achieving more fulfillment, freedom, and success in every area of your life and business. It also addresses a variety of timely and relevant topics from personal style branding & presentation to lifestyle & business trends to powerful communications online and in-person.
  • Optimize Your Facebook Fan Page

    Optimize Your Facebook Fan Page

    Transform your Facebook Fan Page into a Client Conversion Portal

    In Pursuit Coaching is a brand development and engagement firm that helps businesses develop, deploy and defend their internal and external brands. We offer training, coaching, and consulting services that fuse a businesses' strengths and goals with business and industry best practices for maximum optimization and growth.