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  • The 5 Ingredients for Blissful 
Weight Loss

    The 5 Ingredients for Blissful 
Weight Loss

    A Spiritual Approach To Weight Loss That Gives You 
Lasting Results

    It’s that time of year again when people are joining in the #1 New Year’s resolution of losing weight. Statistically it has been shown that fewer than 9% who embark on this journey are successful. The reason is because most people are turning to the lastest fad 
diet or a more regimented 
eating regimen, which never works. If it did, you wouldn’t be resolving (yet again) 
to make this year the year you finally succeed in 
the weight war. Kerry Tepedino is going to be sharing her 
system on a free tele-class hosted by The Shift 
Network on Thursday, January 2nd at 5:30 pm 
Pacific called: The 5 Ingredients for Blissful 
Weight Loss ~ A Spiritual Approach that Gives You 
Lasting Results. Reserve your seat for this free class here:
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  • Grief Recovery After Loss

    Grief Recovery After Loss

    Bringing women who have suffered a loss to a place of personal growth and happiness.

    We experience loss in many ways; death of a loved one, divorce, or the unexpected loss of a career. When faced with these challenges we often have to confront the many myths surrounding grief, such as: Time heals all wounds • Replace the loss • Grieve alone • Be strong With my 7-week one-on-one program you will: 1. Feel liberated from your grief! 2. Have more energy and enthusiasm for life! 3. Feel empowered!
  • Life After Loss, Positive Living, and Managing Mental Health
    $500 - 1500

    Life After Loss, Positive Living, and Managing Mental Health

    Empowering, reminding, encouraging and guiding toward balance and harmony in the face of adversity

    Faris Jean Atkinson is an author with a background in Health Care, experience with personal grief (including parents in a collision as a child and a child to suicide), and over 10 years working in the field of Suicide Prevention and Mental Health. She lives her life with purpose, choosing to live in joy, light, love and gratefulness. How? Through the lessons learned that she shares in her dynamic and passionate speaking. She believes that hearing a message is not enough and provides tools, ideas or tasks to encourage the immediate use of the knowledge gained.