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  • The Online Visibility Expert
    $100 per hour consulting fee

    The Online Visibility Expert

    Helping you attract your tribe with your vibe

    I love working with women-experts who want to look as professional and magnetic online as they are offline so they can empower their tribes.
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    $100 per hour consulting fee
  • Optimize Your Facebook Fan Page

    Optimize Your Facebook Fan Page

    Transform your Facebook Fan Page into a Client Conversion Portal

    In Pursuit Coaching is a brand development and engagement firm that helps businesses develop, deploy and defend their internal and external brands. We offer training, coaching, and consulting services that fuse a businesses' strengths and goals with business and industry best practices for maximum optimization and growth.
  • Twitter for Speakers

    Twitter for Speakers

    : Get YOUT message in front of THOUSANDS

    Twitter is a microposting platform that EVERY speaker who wants to work on a national and international level should be using. Let Bri set up an optimized profile to get your started.
  • Social Media Marketing Course - Step by Step

    Social Media Marketing Course – Step by Step

    Take Action Social Media - 4 Powerful Modules to Build Your Profit Potential with Ease

    * Are you ready to use social media in a smart and meaningful way–without taking time from your primary business? * Do you want to reach and engage prospects directly instead of wasting time and money on passive advertising? * Do you want to create a community of advocates who promote and support your business? * And–maybe you’d like some expert guidance to help you understand and use all that social media has to offer? * Is there a special connection to customers that you’ve heard others have–but you’re missing? * Does the ever-changing information about social media confuse you? * Are you apprehensive about technology even though you rely on it? If your answer is YES to any of these, then I invite you to join me for the TAKE ACTION SOCIAL MEDIA course–an interactive, incremental virtual course! Use code SUCCESS to receive this special price!