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  • Dr. Donna L. Hamilton, MD

    Dr. Donna L. Hamilton, MD

    This doctor is on a mission to help everyone live the healthy satisfying lives they're meant to live!

    Health and Wellness Luminary Dr. Donna Hamilton, MD retired her white coat and stethoscope so she could teach what being healthy really means and how to do it in a way that addresses your unique needs.
  • Take Charge & Lead

    Take Charge & Lead

    How to build a team that supports you and helps you achieve more than you ever dreamed possible!

    Tired of doing it all yourself? Or feeling like you can't count on anyone to do the job right without you looking over their shoulder? Learn how to bring out the best in your team by bringing out the leader within you. No employees required!
  • Cheryl Pullins' book, What Every DIVA Must Know About Starting Her Own Business:

    Cheryl Pullins’ book, What Every DIVA Must Know About Starting Her Own Business:

    A Modern Woman's Guide to Building a Stellar Brand From Scratch (pre-order)

    A step-by-step guide to help you, start, build and release your awesome. This book is for women entrepreneurs who are ready to learn about DIVA-nomics and how to K.I.S.S. in public.
  • Business Strategy Workbook

    Business Strategy Workbook

    Business Planning For Entrepreneurs Who Want Results

    For the do-it-yourself entrepreneur who wants to complete their business plan at their own BBSSCoverPlanEntpace. The workbook includes Plan and Action worksheets. The Plan section includes templates to take you through your overview, product and service offering, marketing overview, operational plan, and financials. The Action section includes worksheets to help you stay on track and complete your goals. You receive templates to track your sales progress, your consistent daily actions, goal setting, and more.
  • Grow Your Business With Your Ideal Client

    Grow Your Business With Your Ideal Client

    How to Attract and Engage Qualified Leads

    If You Want To Attract More Leads, Get More Clients and Make More Money, Then Check Out My Marketing Plan Program Designed to Boost Your Business…Guaranteed! The number one question I get from clients is “how do I get more clients?”. They have great products and services but they are frustrated with trying to figure out what they should be doing and they are tired of throwing money away on marketing ideas that don’t get them the results they want. I created this system to bring a solution to those problems and give my clients what they want – a marketing plan to follow that gets results.
  • Profit Builder For Coaches

    Profit Builder For Coaches

    Profit With Personalized Products Featuring YOUR Brand!

    Trim years off your business building curve by stepping in to a ready-to-go business model that gives you instant credibility, establishes you as an expert, and quickly builds a profitable model around programs that are designed especially for you. Profit Builder for Coaches is for business coaches, life coaches, and wellness coaches. If you are serious about building a business and making a profit using your programs and brand, then register for this important call and find out if Profit Builder for Coaches is the solution for you!
  • Leah de Souza

    Leah de Souza

    Want to be Successful? Well then it's time to 'Get Real. Get Focused. Get Positive Results.'

    I get people, teams and orgrnizations to 'Get Real. Get Focused. Get Positive Results.' Isn't it time you worked through your challenges and reached your goals?
  • Shaman Mikki

    Shaman Mikki

    Helping Women Evolve and Thrive through Shamanic Healing and More

    Get unstuck, find your mojo, reconnect with your inner wisdom, heal what hurts, and shift in the ways you want to shift. I offer healing sessions, intuitive readings, workshops, spiritual guidance, yoga-- and the Office Shamanism Ebook
  • Find a Woman Speaker or Expert!

    Find a Woman Speaker or Expert!

    Search From Women In 120 Countries On 6 Continents When Booking Your Next Speaker

    The WSA Marketplace is directly associated with the Women Speakers Association (WSA), a global organization with members in 120 countries on 6 continents. It is THE go-to place for innovative leaders, change-agents and women with a message to connect, collaborate and grow their visibility in order to fulfill their mission regardless of their platform – be it the classroom, boardroom, the floor of the UN, an internet radio show or any other “stage”. WSA has also become a popular stop for event promoters, meeting planners, industry experts, the media and others looking to identify and book speakers and industry experts. Check out our Global Online Member Directory Today! Search from Our Online Member Directory of women speakers in over 120 countries on 6 continents for your next live or virtual event.
  • Professional Email Marketing

    Professional Email Marketing

    Maintain Relationships, Stay Visual and Build Credibility

    At eXtra Contact we are Online Marketing Strategists, focusing in on Professional Email Marketing. We work with authors, speakers, coaches to keep them constantly in front of their database to maintain the relationship. We can get you up and running (Content Strategy, Template Design, List Building Strategies, Tracking metrics and more) or work with you on an ongoing basis.