Online Marketing Madness!

Online Marketing Madness!

It is easy to get overwhelmed with all the social media platforms and tactics, but what you need to succeed is a solid strategic marketing core. Tema Frank will help you boil the confusion down to the basics, and from there figure out what you really need to be doing online to grow your business.

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Your internet advertising, search engine optimization, and social media work can all be for nothing if they aren’t part of an overall strategy.


In this interactive presentation we discuss the both the marketing and operational basics that are needed for business (or non-profit) success. Then we look at the ways web and mobile media should be a part of the plan.


Tema Frank has been pioneering internet success for companies since she created Web Mystery Shoppers in 2001 and built a database of 75,000 mystery shoppers using only social media techniques in the pre-social media era. She now hosts the weekly podcast, the Frank Online Marketing Show (sponsored by IBM), and helps small and mid-sized businesses market themselves and sell on the web.


This session can either be for a general business audience, or it can be tailored to your organization’s specific needs. If it is done within a company, we will work through your real-world, in-the-moment marketing issues.

WHERE? Although we focus on Canadian companies, or those wanting to sell to Canadians, the ideas in this talk work no matter what country you are from! Tema will happily travel to the United States, Europe and elsewhere. She can give the presentation in either English or French.

Pricing varies depending on the length and type of presentation desired.


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