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Barbara Holt Streeter is a motivator, an encourager, a cheerleader for life! She will wake-up a room with her excitement, interaction, music and most of all HOPE! She shares her journey of self-esteem to help others release the baggage of STUFF! Her goal is to Empower, Educate and Equip girls and women to build their image and reputation through social skills and self-development.
She is the founder of The PR & Protocol Group, which provides services and training to individuals and companies that are ready to launch, build and maintain their image and reputation. Effectively using her PR and protocol tools, the name “MrsPRProtocol” was given to her.
Holt Streeter prepares companies for media visibility on local and national media, such as FOX 5, Washington Post or Radio One to name a few. She integrates the most effective tools through traditional public relations, social media, and relationship building to gain positive visibility. Holt Streeter is known for her proactive approach to the phrase, “What to do, when to do it and how to say it?” She will teach you to use the right protocol tools to build and maintain successful relationships with sharing the tip, “When you walk in the room what does your image say about you? And, when you walk out of the room what does your reputation say about you!”
A servant leader with a strong passion for empowering girls and women, in 2010, she created the I AM …Validated inspirational T-shirts. The vision is to Empower, Educate and Equip girls and women to believe, accept and fulfill their purpose in life by embracing their self-worth. She mentors young ladies ages 13 to 30 and shares her testimony of low self-esteem through humor and interaction to thousands.
She is very passionate in teaching tweens and teens etiquette skills to help them prepare for the future. In the summer of 2012, she launched the Etiquette & Empowerment Institute and hosted a five-day summer program for young girls on etiquette topics ranging from Communication & Conversation, Diving Dining and Who AM I? along with daily speakers and a field trips.
In 2012, she launched The Girlfriend’s Gratitude Tea to teach women how to show gratitude, take time to relax, reconnect and reflect on the importance of girlfriends and give back to the community! The first tea 60 women registered and the second tea more than 100 women registered!
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