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  • CEO
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    Learn to get out of your own way

    Speaking from experience I help people move forward from negative self talk and get past blocks and obstacle
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  • 12 Reasons You Need an Accountant For Your Small Business

    12 Reasons You Need an Accountant For Your Small Business

    You and Your Accontant Make a Great Team!

    Don't let your business fail. If you own a small business, you need to be aware of all of the tax laws and other regulations related to your business.
  • Erin Tillotson - Helping Entrepreneurs Create their Powerful Online Presence

    Erin Tillotson – Helping Entrepreneurs Create their Powerful Online Presence

    The Social Media Phoenix

    Erin Tillotson is an Internationally recognized Social Media Strategist and Online Marketing Consultant. Working with leading online companies like Lisa Sasevich, Sue Frederick, Steve Olsher and many more. She teaches entrepreneurs how to create a powerful online presence that attracts their ideal clients with the power of social media and simple systems that have generated thousands in additional revenue. For seven years Erin has delivered high-impact social media strategies to propel small businesses into amazing online results. Her cutting-edge approach to business is dynamically creative, supportive and creates a ripple effect for each business she works with allowing them to expand far past their original expectations. She coaches her clients in maximizing their sales and online growth with social media, technology and strategic systems. Erin has a gift for breaking down complex strategies into simple, stress-free steps so entrepreneurs can easily achieve the success they desire. She is an undisputed expert on using social media to drive awareness and buzz to online destinations.
  • Take Control of Your Financial Destiny

    Take Control of Your Financial Destiny

    Because No One Cares About Your Financial Future More than You do.

  • The Online Visibility Expert
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    The Online Visibility Expert

    Helping you attract your tribe with your vibe

    I love working with women-experts who want to look as professional and magnetic online as they are offline so they can empower their tribes.
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    $100 per hour consulting fee
  • Social Entrepreneurship

    Social Entrepreneurship

    Social Entrepreneurship and Civic Engagement

    The Global Maven Group defines female leadership on an international level. The Global Maven Group seeks to train emerging female leaders in preparation for social entrepreneurship and civic leadership. The Group's mission is to seek out new female talent who are the change agents in their field.
  • From Chief Operating Officer of Control to Calmly in Charge!

    From Chief Operating Officer of Control to Calmly in Charge!

    From exhausted, anxious and worried to feeling inspired, resilient and irresistible!

    How to be Authentically Powerful, Influential & Irresistible rather than feel exhausted, controlling and grumpy! This session illuminates the Modern Goddess way to lead, manage and enjoy life. It all starts with Cat’s trademark COOC resignation letter!
  • Resilience 1-2-3!
    $from 1997

    Resilience 1-2-3!

    Say Bye-Bye to Control and Hello to Confidence, Inner Peace and Love.

    Imagine you feel calm, like everything is under control, there is no rush to do anything or get anywhere, and what you need seems to appear as if by magic. You are living in the sweet spot of resilience, confidence and self-love. If your life feels more like running to extinguish fire after fire and your nickname is
  • Traklight.com


    Identify & Protect your Ideas to Succeed

    Traklight's mission is to educate and empower entrepreneurs to identify and protect the intellectual property associated with their ideas and businesses.
  • Grief Recovery After Loss

    Grief Recovery After Loss

    Bringing women who have suffered a loss to a place of personal growth and happiness.

    We experience loss in many ways; death of a loved one, divorce, or the unexpected loss of a career. When faced with these challenges we often have to confront the many myths surrounding grief, such as: Time heals all wounds • Replace the loss • Grieve alone • Be strong With my 7-week one-on-one program you will: 1. Feel liberated from your grief! 2. Have more energy and enthusiasm for life! 3. Feel empowered!