• July 11 Workshop in LA: Mastering Business Influence

    July 11 Workshop in LA: Mastering Business Influence

    Mastering and growing your influence in business

    When you know how to powerfully increase your influence, you can exponentially grow your career or business. The key is knowing what effective and influential business actions, shortcuts and strategies that will cause you to grow. It all boils down to: The best marketer wins. If you'd like to advance your skills, increase your influence and deeply brand your business, practice, expertise or non-profit and have people clamor to hire and work with you, this workshop is for you.
  • NIagara on the lake Cottage Rental

    NIagara on the lake Cottage Rental

    Niagara Falls

    Circa 1871 Historic Cottage Rental of Canadian soprano Maria Rekrut, is just a few minutes walk to the Old Town centre. The 2 bed/2bathroom cottage features a full kitchen and has all the modern conveniences mixed with the historic ambiance. Ideal Old Town location, only steps to the three Shaw Festival live theatres, restaurants, shopping, art galleries, and golfing. Niagara Cottage offers a patio, deck, BBQ and is found on a bicycle path and wine route, only minutes to Niagara's award wineries, farm markets, historic Fort George, Niagara Falls and the Niagara Falls Casino.
  • Inspirational Speaker

    Inspirational Speaker

    South Africa's first female airline pilot transports audiences with her powerful message of breaking barriers

    Kucki Low's life story is an adventure filled with fascinating twists and turns. She triumphed over much adversity and succeeded against all odds to become not only a successful flight instructor but South Africa's First Female Airline Pilot. Today she reaches audiences worldwide, inspiring them with her talks and her book, This Is Kucki Your Pilot Speaking. Drawing on her own life experiences, she takes audiences on an exciting journey filled with laughter and introspection. She invites them to fly with her as she demonstrates how to use JOY as your compass to make your life SOAR, triumph over adversity, and live a happy, fulfilled and extraordinary life.
  • Life After Loss, Positive Living, and Managing Mental Health
    $500 - 1500

    Life After Loss, Positive Living, and Managing Mental Health

    Empowering, reminding, encouraging and guiding toward balance and harmony in the face of adversity

    Faris Jean Atkinson is an author with a background in Health Care, experience with personal grief (including parents in a collision as a child and a child to suicide), and over 10 years working in the field of Suicide Prevention and Mental Health. She lives her life with purpose, choosing to live in joy, light, love and gratefulness. How? Through the lessons learned that she shares in her dynamic and passionate speaking. She believes that hearing a message is not enough and provides tools, ideas or tasks to encourage the immediate use of the knowledge gained.
  • Mastering Your Business for Maximum PROFIT & SUCCESS

    Mastering Your Business for Maximum PROFIT & SUCCESS

    Business with Soul

    Is finding clients causing you stress? Do you want to increase your income? If your answer is yes, then I would encourage you to attend an event called
  • Speaker and trainer

    Speaker and trainer

    Taking parents from parenting to leading / De parent à leader!

    Inspire, empower, educate and develop the leadership of parents (of ADHD and anxious children). I share tools and resources that will show parents how to have a great relationship with themselves, and with their children so they can raise leaders in return.
  • Online Presence Strategy Session

    Online Presence Strategy Session

    Do you know what your clients are looking for?

    Do you know what your clients are looking for? It is so easy to assume that people who need your help, will be able to find you, but so many times that isn't the case. This Online Presence Strategy session will help you, help your prospective clients, to find you.