Leah de Souza

Leah de Souza

I get people, teams and orgrnizations to ‘Get Real. Get Focused. Get Positive Results.’ Isn’t it time you worked through your challenges and reached your goals?

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Since 1993, our #1 goal has not changed – to help our clients reach their goals by developing their people#

Back then, we mainly achieved this through professional workshops and seminars# Over our 15+ years in existence, our business has grown to support your needs and we are proud to say that we now offer a Suite of Services that focus on Human Capital Development and Workplace Performance Improvement#

How do we get this done? At times the solution calls for training, at other times we perform assessments, customized development plans, work flow analysis or professional coaching# Every client’s situation is wonderfully unique and we pride ourselves on embracing this uniqueness#

We like to say that we are ‘creatively process-oriented and values-based’ in our approach in getting your people where you need them to be#

We work worldwide#


Leah de Souza

Managing Director, Trainmar
Leah de Souza is the Managing Director of Trainmar Inter-Regional Programme Ltd# #Trainmar#, a provider of top quality, results-oriented workshops and customized Workplace Learning and Development Solutions#


Highlights of her career include:

  • ActionCOACH 2013 Business Excellence Awards Finalist #Young Entrepreneur Category## http://www.actioncoach.com/businessforum2013-finalists
  • Awards ceremony took place in Las Vegas in January 2013.
  • Certified Mastermind Executive Coach ©
  • Coordination of Workplace Learning and Development Solutions for organizations in the private and public sectors throughout the Caribbean and South American regions.
  • ASTD Certifications as a Training Manager and as a Trainer. ASTD stands for American Society for Training and Development and is the world’s largest association for workplace learning and development professionals.
  • Writer of the feature article – “How to Bring Zombie Employees Back to Life” – for the inaugural launch of the 1st Human Resource magazine in the Caribbean, HR-MATTers. The magazine is published by HRMATT #Human Resource Managements Association of Trinidad and Tobago#.
  • Published Articles in The Guardian, Probe newspaper, Eink Business Magazine in Trinidad and Student Focus in the U.K.
  • Volunteer Speaker at charity conferences and volunteer programs with GHL First Steps, YTEPP, The Rotary Club, Bishops Anstey High School, and Limited Edition Main Stage.
  • Professional Development Committee Chair #former# for the Trinidad and Tobago Chapter of the International Facility Management Association.
  • Membership Committee member #former# at the Shipping Association of T&T #SATT#.
  • Degree in English Language and Culture from the University of Montpellier, France.
  • Fluent in French and Italian.

Prior to joining TRAINMAR in 2004, Leah lived and worked in Europe for 9 years and proudly returned to her homeland to contribute to its development and success.


“My goal has been and will always be to help my clients reach their professional goals through learning and performance improvement solutions…I work with people, teams and organizations to get them to get real, get focused and get positive results.”





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