Inspirational Speaker

Inspirational Speaker

Kucki Low’s life story is an adventure filled with fascinating
twists and turns. She triumphed over much adversity and
succeeded against all odds to become not only a successful
flight instructor but South Africa’s First Female Airline Pilot.
Today she reaches audiences worldwide, inspiring them with
her talks and her book, This Is Kucki Your Pilot Speaking.
Drawing on her own life experiences, she takes audiences on
an exciting journey filled with laughter and introspection. She
invites them to fly with her as she demonstrates how to use
JOY as your compass to make your life SOAR, triumph over
adversity, and live a happy, fulfilled and extraordinary life.

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Born in Austria, she immigrated to Namibia with her parents in
1953. The early and untimely death of her parents catapulted her into the “real world “
forcing her to fend for herself. Although Kucki only spent three productive, close years with
her parents, the lessons learned in that time lasted a lifetime.
She was working as a photographer, when by chance, her passion for flying was ignited
after a late-evening desert photoshoot from the passenger seat of a Piper 140. Not one to
let details like a lack of formal education stand in the way of her dreams, she committed to
doing whatever it took to overcome her obstacles and find a way to get paid for what she
really loved to do – FLY!
After nine years in aviation and close to four thousand flying hours, she left her career
behind and started a new life with her husband and son in Vancouver, Canada. She is now
an author and international speaker who shares with great enthusiasm and pizzazz, her
flight plan to a passionate, fulfilling and extraordinary life at any age.
Kucki has been sharing her inspiring journey at aviation conferences, women’s
conferences, service clubs, libraries and seniors residences. She has been interviewed on
Global TV Morning News, the WayCafe Internet Television Show, heard on Abundant
Business Radio, and featured in the North Shore News.




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