Grief Recovery After Loss

Grief Recovery After Loss

We experience loss in many ways; death of a loved one, divorce, or the unexpected loss of a career. When faced with these challenges we often have to confront the many myths surrounding grief, such as:
Time heals all wounds • Replace the loss • Grieve alone • Be strong

With my 7-week one-on-one program you will:
1. Feel liberated from your grief!
2. Have more energy and enthusiasm for life!
3. Feel empowered!

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Full Description

The Grief Recovery Program not only makes moving forward possible but, provides the guidance to ensure that it happens. During this 7-week program you will learn healthy responses to loss and work on transforming through your grief.

Audrey Pellicano R.N., M.S. is a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist. She has been in the health care industry for 37 years as a Registered Nurse with a Masters degree in Health Science and certifications in Yoga, Health Coaching and Grief Recovery and is a student of Thanatology.  Her program provides relief and hope for those grieving a loss. Her unique approach encompasses utilizing the dynamic tools that she knows from experience do work.





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