Dr. Donna L. Hamilton, MD

Dr. Donna L. Hamilton, MD

Health and Wellness Luminary Dr. Donna Hamilton, MD retired her white coat and stethoscope so she could teach what being healthy really means and how to do it in a way that addresses your unique needs.

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Dynamic Holistic Wellness Speaker

Health and Wellness luminary  Donna L. Hamilton, MD has a mission to help everyone live the healthy, satisfying lives they’re meant to lead. Dr. Hamilton retired her white coat and stethoscope so she could teach women what it really means to be healthy and how to do it in a way that addresses their unique needs. An energetic and engaging speaker, Dr. Hamilton speaks nationally on wellness promotion at conferences and workplaces. She teaches a holistic approach that addresses mental, emotional, social, spiritual and physical wellbeing.


A former board certified pediatrician, Dr. Hamilton now uses her health promotion expertise to teach wellness to adults. As a pediatrician she quickly learned the key to achieving optimal health in children: optimize the health of the adults in their lives. Years later this simple but often overlooked fact prompted Dr. Hamilton to Manifest Excellence, a health promotion and empowerment company.


Dr. Hamiltonprovides women with practical tips and tools to optimize their health and well-beingby addressing the five key areas that impact health. She combines over 20 years experience in traditional health promotion with a holistic and comprehensive wellness philosophy. This innovative combination provides effective tools and strategies for creating true wellness.  Her informative and encouraging wellness presentations assist participants in taking effective steps toward becoming optimally healthy.



A Holistic Approach to Health and Wellness

During her career as a community pediatrician Dr. Hamilton frequently saw external factors like stress, environment, and relationships impact not only her patients’ health but also their caregivers.  Addressing these psychosocial issues often was a major factor in her patients’ ability to achieve optimal health. She now works to help adults increase personal wellness by addressing similar factors.


Dr. Hamilton combines her solid foundation in traditional medicine with additional holistic health training to teach easy and effective wellness tools and strategies.  Her education includes receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from the University of Virginia, a Master of Science degree from Rutgers University and a Doctorate of Medicine degree from Thomas Jefferson University. She completed her pediatric residency at the University of Minnesota.



Creating a Wellness Focused Paradigm

While working as a community pediatrician, Dr. Hamilton became frustrated with the challenges facing the healthcare system. It became increasingly difficult to offer the education that most parents and children needed to maintain healthy lifestyles. She also became acutely aware that our society had an “illness focus” rather than a “wellness focus.”


Prompted by her commitment to facilitate a paradigm shift towards wellness, Dr. Donna eventually “hung up her stethoscope” and began non-clinical wellness promotion. In her new career as a holistic wellness speaker she uses informative and encouraging presentations to emphasize the importance of addressing all factors impacting health. She passionately believes this is the way to achieve optimal well-being. Her talks empower  participants with the  tools, steps and information they’ll need to create optimum health.




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