Speaking from experience I help people move forward from negative self talk and get past blocks and obstacle

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I am a survivor of abuse, I have overcome obstacles and healed from trauma to become not only a survivor but to thrive. I help others to heal, be able to move forward and become whole again. I specialize in addiction and abuse. I treat the entire person. The methods I use and teach will help you to not only heal but be able to deal with life. Because let’s face it after the trauma has been dealt with life still happens. I conduct workshops, as well as keynote speeches on how I have managed to survive and thrive. My workshops and keynotes are from a life and education level, they are motivational inspirational and educational. I am a certified consulting hypnotist, emotional freedom, neurolinquistic psychology coach and practitioner, published author and professional keynote speaker. I am the author of No Time For Tears, A Survivor’s Tool Kit for Healing. I offer Skype and local coaching sessions, I teach N.L.P. Please visit my website for more information



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