• Susan J. Elliott, J.D., M.Ed.

    Susan J. Elliott, J.D., M.Ed.

    Author, media commentator, attorney, breakup coach, featured speaker, grief specialist

    Susan J. Elliott is the best selling author of Getting Past Your Breakup: How To Turn A Devastating Loss Into The Best Thing That Ever Happened To You. Once a victim of abuse and abandonment, she turned her life around to learn how to be a happy, healthy person with a wonderful life and teaches others how to do the same through her writing, teaching, speaking and media appearances.
  • From Chief Operating Officer of Control to Calmly in Charge!

    From Chief Operating Officer of Control to Calmly in Charge!

    From exhausted, anxious and worried to feeling inspired, resilient and irresistible!

    How to be Authentically Powerful, Influential & Irresistible rather than feel exhausted, controlling and grumpy! This session illuminates the Modern Goddess way to lead, manage and enjoy life. It all starts with Cat’s trademark COOC resignation letter!
  • Inspirational Speaker

    Inspirational Speaker

    South Africa's first female airline pilot transports audiences with her powerful message of breaking barriers

    Kucki Low's life story is an adventure filled with fascinating twists and turns. She triumphed over much adversity and succeeded against all odds to become not only a successful flight instructor but South Africa's First Female Airline Pilot. Today she reaches audiences worldwide, inspiring them with her talks and her book, This Is Kucki Your Pilot Speaking. Drawing on her own life experiences, she takes audiences on an exciting journey filled with laughter and introspection. She invites them to fly with her as she demonstrates how to use JOY as your compass to make your life SOAR, triumph over adversity, and live a happy, fulfilled and extraordinary life.
  • Grief Recovery After Loss

    Grief Recovery After Loss

    Bringing women who have suffered a loss to a place of personal growth and happiness.

    We experience loss in many ways; death of a loved one, divorce, or the unexpected loss of a career. When faced with these challenges we often have to confront the many myths surrounding grief, such as: Time heals all wounds • Replace the loss • Grieve alone • Be strong With my 7-week one-on-one program you will: 1. Feel liberated from your grief! 2. Have more energy and enthusiasm for life! 3. Feel empowered!
  • Life After Loss, Positive Living, and Managing Mental Health
    $500 - 1500

    Life After Loss, Positive Living, and Managing Mental Health

    Empowering, reminding, encouraging and guiding toward balance and harmony in the face of adversity

    Faris Jean Atkinson is an author with a background in Health Care, experience with personal grief (including parents in a collision as a child and a child to suicide), and over 10 years working in the field of Suicide Prevention and Mental Health. She lives her life with purpose, choosing to live in joy, light, love and gratefulness. How? Through the lessons learned that she shares in her dynamic and passionate speaking. She believes that hearing a message is not enough and provides tools, ideas or tasks to encourage the immediate use of the knowledge gained.
  • Cath Vincent - Wake Up Your WOW

    Cath Vincent – Wake Up Your WOW


    With over 20 years' experience in communications and change, Cath Vincent is an expert in helping people revolutionize their personal effectiveness. Cath launched her own business consultancies in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand as well as a DTI award-winning IT company. As a motivational speaker, she travels the world inspiring companies and individuals alike to Wake Up Their WOW! She now lives in New Zealand with her husband, musician Jesse Wilde, and step-daughter Alesha. Together, while living their dreams, they have built a multi-million dollar property portfolio. Their joint mission through education and entertainment is to inspire others to fulfill their highest potential.
  • Online Marketing Madness!

    Online Marketing Madness!

    What You Really Need to Know to Grow Your Business With the Web

    It is easy to get overwhelmed with all the social media platforms and tactics, but what you need to succeed is a solid strategic marketing core. Tema Frank will help you boil the confusion down to the basics, and from there figure out what you really need to be doing online to grow your business.
  • Inspirational Speaker

    Inspirational Speaker

    Learn how to overcome your fears and doubts and walk into your destiny

    Writing stories became an escape, a way for my imagination to come alive on the handwritten pages of steno pads, notebooks and journals. A closet writer for many years due to a teacher's public humiliation, when it came to sharing my writing, a cloud of self-doubt would follow that it wasn’t worthy or good enough. What God has placed in your heart, no one can take away. I want my experience to help others walk-through until you get a breakthrough!
  • Online Marketing Madness

    Online Marketing Madness

    What You Really Need to Know to Grow Your Business With Effective Internet Marketing Strategies

    It is easy to get overwhelmed with social media, web and mobile tactics, but if you don't get the strategic core right you'll just be spinning your wheels. This talk takes you through from strategy to execution.
  • Team Strategist

    Team Strategist

    Helping YOU get more AUTHENTIC and HONEST communication in YOUR workplace

    It's what's NOT being said around the workplace that is draining profits and blocking productivity. Move your team from Floundering & Struggling to Performing and Excelling with Keynotes, Seminars, Workshops & Coaching that's GUARANTEED to lift your bottom line!