• Katrina Sawa's Book, Love Yourself Successful (ebook version)

    Katrina Sawa’s Book, Love Yourself Successful (ebook version)

    Love Yourself Successful: A Woman's Step-by-Step Guide to Finally Taking Charge of Your Life and Designing the Business of Your Dreams

    Uncover Your Inner Greatness and Design the Business and Life of Your Dreams! Love Yourself Successful is designed for you, the woman entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur who wants to find the formula for living a happy, love-filled life running a consistent six- or seven-figure business. Love Yourself Successful is a step-by-step guide to redesigning your life and your business so you can have both love and money. It's not about one or the other; it's about achieving both for complete and utter success and happiness. This book will give you easy, how-to strategies to: - uncover your true greatness and what is possible for you - discover what's missing in your life and how to change it - motivate you to take action towards building the life and business of your dreams
  • MoneyDNA Mastery Program - Self Study

    MoneyDNA Mastery Program – Self Study

    How to Recode Your MoneyDNA for Automatic Success

    No matter how much money you’ve made if you haven’t been able to achieve that next level, then this program will help you unleash your full earning potential!
  • Want to learn how to Discover, Live, and Balance YOUR Passions?
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    Want to learn how to Discover, Live, and Balance YOUR Passions?

    FREE Worksheet to Learn SPECIFIC Ways To Design a BALANCED LIFE aligned with Your Personal DESTINY!

    Get all the essential details by downloading my 'BALANCE YOUR PASSIONS Worksheet' [a $97 value, yours FREE for a LIMITED time]
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  • Social Media Marketing Course - Step by Step

    Social Media Marketing Course – Step by Step

    Take Action Social Media - 4 Powerful Modules to Build Your Profit Potential with Ease

    * Are you ready to use social media in a smart and meaningful way–without taking time from your primary business? * Do you want to reach and engage prospects directly instead of wasting time and money on passive advertising? * Do you want to create a community of advocates who promote and support your business? * And–maybe you’d like some expert guidance to help you understand and use all that social media has to offer? * Is there a special connection to customers that you’ve heard others have–but you’re missing? * Does the ever-changing information about social media confuse you? * Are you apprehensive about technology even though you rely on it? If your answer is YES to any of these, then I invite you to join me for the TAKE ACTION SOCIAL MEDIA course–an interactive, incremental virtual course! Use code SUCCESS to receive this special price!