• Grow Your Business With Your Ideal Client

    Grow Your Business With Your Ideal Client

    How to Attract and Engage Qualified Leads

    If You Want To Attract More Leads, Get More Clients and Make More Money, Then Check Out My Marketing Plan Program Designed to Boost Your Business…Guaranteed! The number one question I get from clients is “how do I get more clients?”. They have great products and services but they are frustrated with trying to figure out what they should be doing and they are tired of throwing money away on marketing ideas that don’t get them the results they want. I created this system to bring a solution to those problems and give my clients what they want – a marketing plan to follow that gets results.
  • How to Create Marketing Messages With Integrity

    How to Create Marketing Messages With Integrity

    Attract your ideal client with your authentic voice using the NEW marketing & copywriting model as seen in Inc. Magazine

    Get clear on your values,your personal mission statement, business mission statement and YOUR story (this is vital to your speaking success). You'll attract your ideal clients (and speaking gigs) instead of chasing not-so-ideal opportunities on all levels. From there I'll show you how to bring it all together with a simple formula to connect and convert.
  • Crash Course in Publicity
    $497 - normally 997

    Crash Course in Publicity

    Discover the powerhouse crash course that will have the media and new clients banging down your doors in just weeks, begging for your renowned expertise and assistance!
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    $497 - normally 997
  • Gail's Calendar

    Gail’s Calendar

    Promote your event or product launch next to the

    We help people find events that are just right for their needs, whether you’re a speaker with unique personal requirements or a promoter looking to fill a room. sn’t it about time you KEPT YOUR PROFITS and stopped paying ridiculous affiliate commissions for promotions? How about filling your events with qualified audiences for a change? Then you Must get your events posted on Gail’s Calendar, the Angie’s List of the Personal Development and Professional Public Speaking Industry!
  • Women Speakers Association Premier Membership

    Women Speakers Association Premier Membership

    The Voice of the 21st Century

    A global organization supporting women in 120 countries on 6 continents to get their message out into the world, regardless of your platform be it the classroom, the boardroom, the floor of the U.N., an internet radio show, etc.
  • Mind Movies

    Mind Movies

    Mind Movies, Create Your Future Now

    Mind Movies, the world’s No.1 visualization tool. Attract all of the wealth, love, happiness, and good health you desire…in just 3 minutes a day. Mind Movies transforms a boring static vision board into a fun, digital vision board filled with positive affirmations, inspiring images and motivating music.
  • Thriving Business

    Thriving Business

    only for people who want a thriving business and life

  • T.A.L.K. and Grow R.I.C.H. for Women Authors

    T.A.L.K. and Grow R.I.C.H. for Women Authors

    Sell more books with a TeleSalon

    Position, package and propel your thought leading ideas with the newest book marketing tool, a TeleSalon. We teach you to lead the deepest conversation in your market using both well known, and stealth strategies of thought leadership and social media to accelerate and perfect influence.
  • Branding from the Heart

    Branding from the Heart

    How To Share Your Passion In A Way That Promotes Everything You’re Up To And Attracts Your Perfect Customers

    Is your brand message clear, authentic and wildly attractive? Or do you feel flustered when you attempt to describe what you do in a way that attracts your perfect customers? This 6 Part Program will help you to create an authentic brand that transforms your life as it attracts your perfect customers. FOR WSA MEMBERS ONLY: Bonus total 90 Minute Brand Clarity consultation with Julia
  • The Big Correction

    The Big Correction

    How Vedic Astrology predicts the market instability of 2013

    Crash of 2013? Will the US markets wobble with the European bank bailouts, Chinese credit bubble or once there is a decrease in the $85 billion dollars injected into the American economy monthly? If previous patterns are any indication of future market patterns, then in spring of 2013, the US market is due for a third possible correction (since 2000) before moving toward true economic recovery. These patterns are described by market analysts (called secular bear markets) and we might be due for one more downturn before recovery. Vedic astrology identifies these same patterns and gives specific times for the downturn and the road to recovery. All of this is described by the Vedic chart and cycle of the United States. Did you know that the Panic of 1893 shows striking similarities to the conditions and indications in spring 2013? Vedic astrology views the patterns of karmic timing. Combining US history, market analysis and Vedic astrology all in one; Correction makes a case for the likely change in US markets after record highs in early 2013. Most importantly, Correction names when the correction will likely hit and when the recovery will begin and how it will take shape. Even though Correction is about markets, US history and cycles of economy, this book will ultimately bring you back to the nature of your own mind.