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    Identify & Protect your Ideas to Succeed

    Traklight's mission is to educate and empower entrepreneurs to identify and protect the intellectual property associated with their ideas and businesses.
  • Free Signature Talk Template

    Free Signature Talk Template

    Learn to LOVE being seen and heard!

    This Signature Talk Template walks you through outlining your own Signature Talk from coming up with a topic to gracefully accepting the applause you are sure to get using this tool.
  • Gail's Calendar

    Gail’s Calendar

    Promote your event or product launch next to the

    We help people find events that are just right for their needs, whether you’re a speaker with unique personal requirements or a promoter looking to fill a room. sn’t it about time you KEPT YOUR PROFITS and stopped paying ridiculous affiliate commissions for promotions? How about filling your events with qualified audiences for a change? Then you Must get your events posted on Gail’s Calendar, the Angie’s List of the Personal Development and Professional Public Speaking Industry!
  • Mind Movies

    Mind Movies

    Mind Movies, Create Your Future Now

    Mind Movies, the world’s No.1 visualization tool. Attract all of the wealth, love, happiness, and good health you desire…in just 3 minutes a day. Mind Movies transforms a boring static vision board into a fun, digital vision board filled with positive affirmations, inspiring images and motivating music.