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Find opportunities to be interviewed, write articles, be a guest blogger, or participate in anthology book projects.

  • Be an Author: {An} Unsinkable Soul

    Be an Author: {An} Unsinkable Soul

    {Call for Authors} Share your bounceback story!

    Quite frankly; life happens! In this book anthology, we will share your super successful Bounceback and Unsinkable concepts as dynamic and transformational experts – all leading to a better place in what we call LIFE! Our mission and message is paramount to other women, leaders, professionals and other entrepreneurs during this time.
  • Investment thoughts from around the world

    Investment thoughts from around the world

    Investment ideas in a post crisis context developed during professional speaking events around the world

    The book project is about out of the box thoughts in investing as an individual and institution. Professional and entertaining materials will be provided in the book with some illustrations. It is promised to be one of the best sellers once published.
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  • Mrs.PRProtocol


    PR & Etiquette Specialist, Motivator for Girls and Women, Building your Image and Reputation

    Barbara Holt Streeter, branded as
  • Lisa Schneiderman

    Lisa Schneiderman

    Hollywood Conscious PR - Get Mentored by a Seasoned Publicist

  • Access To Experts TV

    Access To Experts TV

    Where we interview business and professional experts and ask the questions you most want the answers to

    If you have ever had aspirations to be on Good Morning America, CNN or 60 minutes or to be interviewed by Leno or Letterman, Access To Experts TV is where you go to get ready and on your way to celebrity status. Our international client list covers the globe. Access To Experts TV has leveled the playing field for everyone by making it easy for entrepreneurs and small business owners to harness the power of on-camera interviews to get local, national or global exposure.