Be an Author: {An} Unsinkable Soul

Be an Author: {An} Unsinkable Soul

Quite frankly; life happens! In this book anthology, we will share your super successful Bounceback and Unsinkable concepts as dynamic and transformational experts – all leading to a better place in what we call LIFE! Our mission and message is paramount to other women, leaders, professionals and other entrepreneurs during this time.

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Call for Authors: {An} Unsinkable Soul

52 Inspiring stories and lessons on bouncing back and being unsinkable for life!

Mission: The mission of this anthology series is to

  1. Provide and encourage 52 weeks of inspiration to support life challenges and to keep readers moving forward in life. It’s a go-to resource for bouncing back and being unsinkable. It provides hope and love in the midst of chaos and uncertainty.
  2. Share massive amounts of lessons, strategies, guidance and empowerment for a more fulfilled and meaningful life.
  3. Highlight a well-respected and highly sought after panel of experts in the self-help, peak performance, life and success coaching and “real-life” industry.

Let’s create a ripple effect! Let’s show a different pathway. TRUTH! LOVE! TRANSFORMATION! BOUNCEBACK!

Book: We are seeking stories from successful coaches, guru’s, experts, visionaries, leaders and entrepreneurs to share their expertise about setbacks, challenges, loss of a loved one, loss of a job, loss of self, miscarriage, loss of hope, …in short, resetting and recalibrating for a new life. We would like to include stories around rebounding and bouncing back from a low moment in life or simply awakening to the “I want a better life UnsinkableSoulGraphic_ASand I’m gonna have it” syndrome. No one’s stories are the same. We want variety, transparency and authentic steps to heal and move to a new life of abundance, living on purpose, finding passion and what all of this means to successful living. Perhaps you’ve had an awakening from a huge transition in your life. Intuitively you knew it was a “better” way and you gained the strength to see it come to pass?

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