Audacious Leadership

Audacious Leadership

Our world is in turmoil, time is speeding up, technology seems to replace connection time, the health of our ecosystems and the planet’s ability to provide nourishment. Is this a reflection of how much we nourish ourselves? Can we affect the macro by taking care of the micro? Tathra Street is devoted to discovering leadership through change from the inside out. We are all leaders in this time of the Great Turning from material/individual to collective interdependence. Her mission is to expand our capacity to lead change on the planet, starting with ourselves.

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Tathra is a coach and facilitator and has been working toward making the world a better place for most of her life. She wants to be flanked by audacious leaders all over the world who are empowered to make the changes we’re here to make. She lives by the Rumi quote: “Yesterday I was clever and I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise and I am changing myself.”

She has worked with a wide range of people in her 5 years as a coach, from PhD students to polyamorous couples, from grassroots organisations to corporate leaders. She works with people who are ready to step into their power and move past the blocks getting in their way.

She is available by phone, Skype and Google +.




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