About Us

Why the WSA Marketplace Will Help You
Get Seen, Booked & Paid!

If you are a SPEAKER or EXPERT and you want to grow your visibility and increase your bookings for speaking or in the media, fill your events, sell more of your product or service, recruit sponsors or advertisers or expand your revenue streams and more, then you’ve come to the right place!

If you are LOOKING TO FIND, BOOK OR REACH SPEAKERS & EXPERTS in order to promote or sell your product, service, event or opportunity, you’ve also come to the right place!


What People Are Saying About the WSA Marketplace

“Finally a dedicated platform to post to where people are specifically coming to look for the kinds of things I promote!”


“Even though I sell my products on my website and at events where I speak, it’s so great to have another place to sell them that is driving their own traffic to my ad.”


“WSA Marketplace is the perfect place to post speaking and advertising opportunities for our upcoming events to a targeted audience.”


“Being able to post a regular ad in the WSA Marketplace is the perfect way to have a constant stream of experts who are looking to be interviewed coming to me instead of me having to find them!”


About the WSA Marketplace

The WSA Marketplace is like Craigslist for speakers, authors and experts and those seeking to reach that market (i.e. event promoters, meeting planners, industry experts, the media, etc.) to:

  • promote and sell products, services and events
  • post speaking, sponsorship/advertising/crowdfunding, business/affiliate, PR/media and volunteer/intern opportunities
  • make general announcements

The WSA Marketplace is directly associated with the Women Speakers Association (WSA), a global organization with members in 120 countries on 6 continents. It is THE go-to place for innovative leaders, change-agents and women with a message to connect, collaborate and grow their visibility in order to fulfill their mission regardless of their platform – be it the classroom, boardroom, the floor of the UN, an internet radio show or any other “stage”. WSA has also become a popular stop for event promoters, meeting planners, industry experts, the media and others looking to identify and book speakers and industry experts.
The Executive Team behind the WSA Marketplace have 35+ years of cumulative experience behind-the-scenes in the speaking industry. They keep a pulse on the changes in the industry and the needs of their members in order to find the most relevant and meaningful ways to serve them.