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  • Divine Work Play

    Divine Work Play

    52 Weeks of Practicing the Presence

    A deep, provocative exploration of spiritual premises and practices, with quotes and personal stories as examples. Sometimes irreverent, sometimes sacred, the book offers Truth in everyday language.
  • Getting Ready to Write

    Getting Ready to Write

    A beginner's guide to writing a book

    Have you always wanted to write a book, but you don't know where to start? Do you find yourself always
  • If You Build It, LIFE Will Come

    If You Build It, LIFE Will Come

    A World Traveler that provides a FUN, INTERACTIVE experience to help entrepreneurs and business owners CREATE physical PRODUCTS and help them THRIVE!

    This session will focus on how to build your dream product idea and engineer the world into your playground. Through personal experience in and out of the corporate world and a few humorous stories, Margot Sandy will show how the benefits of stepping outside your comfort zone and trying something new (whether it's travel, grad school, volunteer work, product creation, etc.) will help you craft the life you truly want. Not only finding your passion, but establishing a vision to achieve your goals and craft your own ideas (sketches, notions or otherwise) into a reality.  
  • Speaker Coaching - Unleash Your Presence

    Speaker Coaching – Unleash Your Presence

    Free Training - Discover the 3 Simple Steps to Inspiring and Leaving a Lasting Impact with Your Audience!

    Visit to access your FREE training to Discover the 3 Simple Steps that will help you inspire and leave a lasting impact with your audience. Make sure you watch the full training to access all the takeaways and learn how Julia can help you unleash YOUR presence to share your message and stand out as a speaker today!
  • **Ultimate Affiliate Opportunity**
    $100000+ In Prizes

    **Ultimate Affiliate Opportunity**

    Start Making Money By Helping Others Attain Their Dreams!

    Become an affiliate for Mind Movies, the world’s No.1 visualization tool. Attract all of the wealth, love, happiness, and good health you desire…in just 3 minutes a day. Mind Movies transforms a boring static vision board into a fun, digital vision board filled with positive affirmations, inspiring images and motivating music.
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    $100000+ In Prizes
  • CEO
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    Learn to get out of your own way

    Speaking from experience I help people move forward from negative self talk and get past blocks and obstacle
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  • The 5 Ingredients for Blissful 
Weight Loss

    The 5 Ingredients for Blissful 
Weight Loss

    A Spiritual Approach To Weight Loss That Gives You 
Lasting Results

    It’s that time of year again when people are joining in the #1 New Year’s resolution of losing weight. Statistically it has been shown that fewer than 9% who embark on this journey are successful. The reason is because most people are turning to the lastest fad 
diet or a more regimented 
eating regimen, which never works. If it did, you wouldn’t be resolving (yet again) 
to make this year the year you finally succeed in 
the weight war. Kerry Tepedino is going to be sharing her 
system on a free tele-class hosted by The Shift 
Network on Thursday, January 2nd at 5:30 pm 
Pacific called: The 5 Ingredients for Blissful 
Weight Loss ~ A Spiritual Approach that Gives You 
Lasting Results. Reserve your seat for this free class here:
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  • Compose Magazine Featured Author

    Compose Magazine Featured Author

    Why is Social Media and Having an Online Presence So Important for Authors?

    I was asked to provide an article to a new online magazine, called Compose, designed to support authors worldwide.
  • 12 Reasons You Need an Accountant For Your Small Business

    12 Reasons You Need an Accountant For Your Small Business

    You and Your Accontant Make a Great Team!

    Don't let your business fail. If you own a small business, you need to be aware of all of the tax laws and other regulations related to your business.
  • Audacious Leadership

    Audacious Leadership

    Now is the time for us to step into our power

    Our world is in turmoil, time is speeding up, technology seems to replace connection time, the health of our ecosystems and the planet's ability to provide nourishment. Is this a reflection of how much we nourish ourselves? Can we affect the macro by taking care of the micro? Tathra Street is devoted to discovering leadership through change from the inside out. We are all leaders in this time of the Great Turning from material/individual to collective interdependence. Her mission is to expand our capacity to lead change on the planet, starting with ourselves.